America’s Top Tan Hits The UK

Last night, the lovely people of Norvell Tanning invited me down to get bronzed at the hands of their One Hour Rapid One.

I’m one of those women who feels somewhat naked without at least a thin layer of bronze covering my naturally pale complexion, but who dreads the thought of a fluorescent tangerine tan… So when it comes to choosing my fake tan brand I’m unapologetically picky! However, having just recently venturing across the pond, Novell has long been hailed as America’s number one tanning brand, which was as much reassurance as I needed to give them a whirl for myself.

The spray tan itself was even and gentle when it was being applied, and unlike other spray tans I’ve had, it had a natural, non-chemically smell. Ten Clzh-nvXEAAlr71.jpgminutes later, I was bronzed from head to toe and could already see a delicious golden brown colour developing on my skin.

As indicated by the name, the One Hour Rapid One tan is designed for you to be able to wash it off after just one hour (rather than the usual 8-12 of other spray tans) and be left with a smooth, tanned complexion. This was a massive box-ticker for me as I just can’t bear waking up in the morning and being greeted by the sight of my once white bed sheets.

However, I went against doctors orders and left my tan on over night as I wanted a darker tan than usual. I awoke this morning feeling nervous to switch on the light and prepared
to shed a little tear for my lovely White Company bed linen. Victory! My sheets survived, CvrlA0KWYAAlfHT.jpgwith only a few smudges on my white t-shirt (which in hindsight wasn’t the smartest
coloured top to wear to bed after spray tan anyway…). Before I went to bed I also followed my usual night-time ritual of face wash and cleanse, which as a consequence left me with a paler face than the rest of my body. Luckily the kind people of Novell had equipped me with a bottle of their 4-faces Facial Tanning Spray which I used to touch up the tan and which left me with an even tan which blended well into the rest of my bronzed body.

So, looking for a tanning brand which will leave you with a natural looking even coverage and clean bed sheets? Then try out Novell. My one piece of advice would be to shower it off as quickly or as delayed as you wish the tan to be, because twelve hours later I am pretty darn dark!

Let me know how your Norvell experience goes  🙂


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