Gyoza Bar, Covent Garden

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word ‘Gyoza’ my mind automatically travels to a deliciously fun, vibrant environment filled with strong smells and flavours.. a place I could very happily remain at for a very long time!

So when I heard there was such thing as Gyoza Bar in Covent Garden, I was there in two shakes of a soy sauce bottle.

As soon as we set foot through the door we were greeted by a waitress who wholeheartedly embodied the vibe of her surroundings; friendly, fun, informal.

Gyoza in Covent                 Our waiter took time to talk us through the various dishes and wines, explaining their origins, textures and ingredients. After some deliberation we opted to share a pulled pork Bao Steamed Bun and Gyoza Moriawase. The Bao Steamed Bun consisted of sweet marshmallow-like pulled pork in brioche-style bread and was so light and (maybe too) easy to devour. However, the Gyoza Moriawase was the holy grail of Gyoza which I will dream about for days to come; a mixture of vegetable, chicken, pork, ebi (fried prawn) and salmon in a sweet and light pocket – a definite must for any visit!

Next, we opted for Ramen noodle soup. Don’t, like me, be fooled by the name – these dishes are far from light and you definitely won’t be left hungry! They come chock-full with veg and egg as well as your desired meat or tofu.Gyoza bar Covent Garden

I won’t lie to you, by this point our stomach capacity was stretched to its limits. But like the go-getters we are, quitting was not an option. Before we knew it we had servings of deep-fried ice cream and Mochi ice cream in front of us and miraculously finding their way into our mouths. Imagine that scene where Mary Poppins pulls all of those items out of her handbag and everyone looks on in amazement.. well this was that, but in reverse.

Not being a huge fan of deep-fried ice cream, it image2-1was as good as I think I’ve had and was totally devoured. The Mochi ice cream, being the first time I’ve tried it, was filled with exciting new flavours which I’d definitely like to try again. Overall, my stomach was smiling up at me from the whole flavoursome experience.

Finding a restaurant which homes a buzz and atmosphere mid-week is hard to do, even in central London.

Gyoza bar had us feeling like it was a Saturday night with no morning meetings or alarms in our futures. A truly informal, fun, delicious hidden gem right in the heart of the bustling city. And a special thanks to the fabulous waiters and waitresses who went out of their way to ensure that it was a culinary experience that I’ll definitely be repeating again.

Try it out for yourself – trust me, you’ll fall in love.

Be sure to let me know what you think!


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