Chicken Gets Trendy

Soho is undoubtedly one of London’s trendiest, most forward-thinking areas. Everywhere you turn there’s weird and wonderful bars and restaurant with their bright lights enticing revellers in. To some it may seem like there’s just not enough time, money or stomach capacity to try them all, but I will certainly continue my quest to put this to the test!

I’ve never particularly been ‘into’ chicken. Where some of my friends would crave it as a lunchtime staple or late-night munch, I’m more of a cheese ploughman’s kind of girl. However, I walked past Ma’ Pluckers on one of my many jaunts around my favourite London suburb and the quirky, dated wallpaper and artistically presented food had me curious to try it A) for myself and B) because it seemed like the sort of place you guys might be interested in hearing about.

I grabbed a chicken loving pal and headed down. She was equally as absorbed in the oldimage3-1 dated American-style interior and we quickly forgot about the rainy, grey Wednesday that we had just stepped out of.

Our friendly waitress talked us through the menu and we soon settled on two servings of afternoon tea; one of the year round selections, and one of their recently launched festive version.

Before we knew it we had a strawberry daiquiri and boozy iced tea in front of us as part of the offering. These were (maybe too quickly) chugged down, but quickly refilled with one of the unlimited offerings of sweet and refreshing (non-alcoholic) iced tea.

Next, the magic happened. Two boards of beautifully presented bite-sized treats were placed in front of us. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t expect a ‘chicken joint’ to present such aesthetically pleasing goodies. Within approximately 0.002 seconds I had half a waffle in my face and didn’t slow down from then on…


Our servings included:


Pulled chicken in a brioche bun

Crispy, fried chicken on a waffle, drizzled in maple syrup (replaced with chicken and cranberry in a brioche bun for the festive option) 

Coronation chicken in a brioche bun


Waffle with clotted cream and sweet strawberry jam

Mini doughnuts drizzled with caramel sauce

A ‘scotch egg’ – ice cream coated in cornflakes (replaced with a mince pie for the festive option)

image2-1Each and every item of food was flavoursome, fresh and succulent. The flavours were perfectly balanced, leading each portion beautifully onto the next. We finished each mouthful and were left feeling satisfied but not stuffed – the perfect amount to leave us with just enough energy for a bit of Carnaby street browsing.

The overall experience was fun, friendly, light-hearted and delicious. For just £18.50 I could very easily spend all of my afternoons in there, taking in the youthful and character-filled surroundings and munching on delicious morsels. In fact, I might just do that!

So, looking to tick another up and coming London joint off your list? Then get that table booked!



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