Dinner at Sketch

Sketch Quirky Restaurant London

When you hear pink velvet chairs, vulgar paintings all over the walls and egg-shaped toilet pods, you wouldn’t be wrong to envision something from Amsterdam’s red light district…

I’d heard about Sketch through many of my friends. However, I’d always been slightly dubious that it might be slightly ‘tacky’.  Nonetheless, I threw on my glad rags and headed down to see what all the fuss was about.

As soon as we entered the doors we were greeted by the most hospitable staff who allowed us time to explore our Alice In Wonderland-style surroundings before taking our coats and Pink velvet sofas at sketchleading us into the main restaurant, ‘The Gallery’.

Once seated, we were completely immersed in the outlandish decor around us. I don’t
think we spoke for a few minutes whilst we panned our eyes around the room and took in each and every detail that made this space so unique.

The pink velvet chairs I had so feared were stylish, comfortable and in keeping with the theme. Every corner of the room had meticulous attention to detail; from the naughty but hilarious paintings on the walls to the toilet attendants dressed in french maids outfits. Yep, I had been ‘Sketched’.

We spent a few minutes eyeballing the plates of food being served around us before ordering ourselves a bottle of red and a (huge) cheese board to start us off. First foodie impressions got a big thumbs up – the presentation was incredible and our server even Picturesque high end food at sketch advised us on the order in which to work our way through the cheeses for the best outcome of flavours.

Next, the main event. I opted for Beef Tartare and my foodie companion went for the Green Curry Risotto. I’d never had Beef Tartare before and I was nervous to try it, but our waiter explained the dish to me and reassured me that I would be pleased with my choice. I was.

By this point of our meal we were two courses and almost two bottles of wine down, with my stomach was begging me ‘no more!’ but my head egging me on for the hat trick.

We came, we saw, we conquered! Three courses successfully demolished, we were left feeling stuffed, satisfied and fairly tipsy.Funny, quirky cup of tea at sketch in Mayfair

The bill came and my bank account winced slightly. Thankfully my cup of tea already had my response ready.

That’s another London hotspot ticked off my list, now it’s your turn.

Let me know how it goes!


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