Cocktails at Cahoots

You guessed it, it’s time for another speakeasy post…

This time I’m taking you back to wartime Britain. Picture flat caps, tight curls, and the tinny echoes of a quintessentially British radio presenter.

Cahoots is hidden down an unassuming alley just off Kingly Court, near Oxford Circus tube station (look out for a sign that says ‘To the trains’). Once you knock on the door, a rather charming young train attendant greets you, but you may only enter if you know the magic words… and if you do, you’re welcomed to travel back in time to the swinging  1940s underground. Beautiful cocktails at Carnaby Street's speakeasy

Through the second door you’re greeted by yet another spiffing young attendant at the ‘ticket booth’ who indulges in some brief small talk, before presenting you with a Cahoots newspaper (cocktail menu) and showing you though the door to the main event of the night.

The main bar is up there as one of the most committed and cleverly thought out themed venues I’ve ever visited. Every tiny detail has been thought of, from the glasses the cocktails are served in and the posters on the walls, to the uniforms of the staff and the music playing in the toilets. You truly start to forget that outside the front door awaits the era of snapchats and Kardashians.

London Underground themed cocktail lounge at Cahoots near sohoWhen it comes to ordering, the menu is vast and diverse. There were even offerings of British classics such as crumpets and a selection of sandwiches. Our waitress was friendly, informed and immersed in her 1940s persona. Rather than order a specific drink, I decided to be one of those awkward patrons that explained their preferred taste preferences and left the choice to her – my trust paid off and I quickly had a dark and fruity concoction on the table in front of me.Instagram worthy cocktails in soho

We spent the rest of our evening as we started it; absorbing our infectious, bubbly surroundings and sipping away on as many delicious cocktails as our humpday heads could handle.

So, why not try it out for yourself? I’ll even let you into the secret for getting entry – “one/two/three tickets please!”.

Let me know how you get on! x






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