Soho – the borough of bright lights, extrovert bars and sex shops aplenty. So when you walk past a dark shop with the illuminated words ‘PEEP SHOW‘, you might not necessarily look twice.

However, if you’re brave enough to approach this intimidating exterior and ‘peep’ your head inside, you might be surprised (maybe disappointed to some) to find that a cosy Mexican restaurant awaits you.

The bright lights of La Bodega Negra have been gracing the screens of Instagram users for many years, and it felt almost criminal that I hadn’t already been drawn through those neon doors like a hungry guacamole craving moth to a flame. So on Thursday night I came, I saw, I timidly entered, I conquered.

Cocktails at la bodega negra

The interior was rustic, authentic and intriguing, and within ten minutes of the doors opening for the evening’s sitting, each available seat was taken and sizzling plates were whizzing past tables left right and centre. We ordered two tequila infused cocktails and got comfy in our cosy cave-like alcove. Sharing plates at la bodega negra

We chose to share six small plates between the two of us, including Tuna Ceviche, Lamb Tacos (with ‘drunken’ salsa) and Quesadilla with roasted tomatoes and epazote. The perfect amount of food to leave us satisfied but not slumping and grumbling in our chairs. Oh, and of course we had to order Churros and Creme Brûlée  cheesecake to finish things off (when in Rome, right?!).

Desert at la bodega negra

La Bodega Negra was the perfect intimate but lively venue to catch up with a good friend, and one which I’d highly recommend visiting if you’re willing to brave the blush of penetrating the hostile exterior!

Go, eat, drink, enjoy, and let me know about it!


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