The Bootlegger

51˚ 30′ 43 | 0˚ 5′ 0.2  –  The coordinates to your new favourite swingin’ cocktail den.

Cocktail bar near Monument

‘Thursday is the new Friday’ is most definitely a thing, but for some reason it seems to be amplified ten times over in the City. I’d never heard of The Bootlegger before, but my friend who works across the road from it is a regular and told me I just had to go with her to try it our for myself.

Cocktails and live music central London

Cocktails, live music, quirky interior? Sold. As per the running theme in many of my blog posts, this bar can be distinguished by, well, not much. Just look out for a dark door with the coordinates written on a plaque on the floor. Simple…

Great cocktails in the heart of London

The interior is spacious, rustic and full of charm. One of those bars that makes you feel totally at home, with big comfy armchairs, bookshelves, a piano, the list could go on and on.

Cosy cocktail bar in London

By the time 8pm hit, the bar was full of life with fellow drinkers looking to quench their Thursday thirst. My friend and I got settled on our table with a big bowl of popcorn and two sweet, moreish cocktails. Our weekly girly catch up could finally commence.

A night of cocktails and live music at the bootlegger

By this point we had got so lost in our own little cocktail-shaped bubble that we’d almost forgotten that live music was also on the menu for tonight. A lively 3-piece band really kicked the party into gear and even had a few brave ladies up on their feet.

Central London bar

The Bootlegger was one of those confident venues that is totally confident in its skin. The sort of place where the mixologists ooze so much confidence that you don’t even have to open a menu to order a cocktail – all I had to do was say “something sweet and fruity” and each time a different colourful variation was placed in front of me.

Live music venue in central London

A truly fantastic gem hidden right in the heart of London, and one that I highly recommend anybody to visit!

So, are you ready to get your dancing shoes on? Sure you are! Let me know how you get on.


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