Down The Rabbit Hole

Afternoon tea: scones, cucumber sandwiches, lemon drizzle and a good ol’ pot of Earl Grey. A brilliantly quintessentially British way to spend a day, no doubt. But sometimes life requires a splash of colour and even the most classic of British past-times need a bit of a shake up.

We all remember being engulfed in Alice in Wonderland’s magical world as a child. The fascinating characters leading Alice through a whirlwind of colour nonsense and exhilarating new experiences. Curiouser and curiouser, remember?

Alice in wonderland themed tea

I heard of Alice in Wonderland’s afternoon tea through Truly Experiences, a company who collate some of London’s most memorable and unique experiences and serve them to people looking to collect memories, not ‘things’. I needed to take a trip down the rabbit hole.

Themed afternoon tea in central London

Located in Buckingham Gate, I was immediately blown away by the grand surroundings of the Taj 51’s 5* luxury. A walk through the Shakespearian courtyard that was once heard the footsteps of Lords and Ladies of the royal courts led us to the opulent tea room in which we were to spend our afternoon.

Luxury afternoon tea

First stop – Champagne. Yes, we were off to a smashing start. The room was a buzz with the clinks of bubble-filled flutes and childish giggles of grown adults reliving their childhood classic. We chose our pots of tea and waited eagerly for our foodie extravaganza to begin.

Alice in wonderland macaroons and cakes

The Mad Hatter sure knew his way around a kitchen. More wacky and wonderful delicacies landed in front of us than we could even comprehend, and we had to dedicate the first few minutes to taking in all the delicate intricacies of every item.

Colourful and delicious sweet treats at taj 51

Macaroons, marshmallows, cakes, scones, sandwiches.. the list goes on and on.  We spent our Sunday afternoon nibbling away the vast array of sweet treats with grins on our faces that would give even the Cheshire Cat himself a run for his money. Afternoon tea has taken a nostalgic new form, and I’m just sorry I couldn’t have stayed in this magical land even longer.

Having a great time at taj 51 afternoon tea

Keep my seat warm for me Hatter, I’ll be back soon.

“Yes that’s it!” Said the Hatter with a sigh, “it’s always tea time.”


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