Champagne + Fromage



Without a doubt two of the greatest delicacies to ever grace planet earth.

I’d seen a huge buzz around Champagne + Fromage online and I could no longer resist the cheesy temptations. Table booked.

Champagne plus fromage logo

The family-run French restaurant has four venues; Three shops and Bistros in Brixton, Greenwhich, and my destination for the night – Covent Garden, and one pop-up in Mercato Metropoltano.

Melted Camembert restaurant

The concept is centred around the magic combination of two traditional and artisan French products… can you guess what they are?

Cheese and champagne restaurant in soho
We ordered three (no that’t not a typo – three) baked camemberts to share between the two of us. Pesto, Red Pepper, and the one to blow them all out the water, Truffle. The concept for these was pure evil genius – the camembert was the ‘base’ and the cleverly curated toppings were what stood each one apart from the other. Picture it as a sort of camembert Pizza.

Casual dinner in central London

Now the bubbles. Champagne + Fromage have set out on a mission to change the perception of champagne. Where once it was a tipple for celebration only, now it’s for Wednesdays, birthdays and, well, Middays. As you might have guessed, I’m totally OK with this revolution. We opted for a bottle of the house Champagne, Growers, which I was told is made by a small independent producer who follow the traditional methods of artisanal winemaking.

French restaurant in Covent Garden

The champagne worked amazingly well with our cheese. It was light enough to not overpower, but also had enough acidity and freshness to cut through the savoury and overpowering tones of the Camembert. I could definitely get used to this life.

Authentic French cuisine in central London

Champagne + Fromage oozed authentic Gallic charm, and what really stood it out from the many similar venues in London was its honesty. A group of family-run restaurants that are genuinely passionate and informed about what they do. Decked out in rustic French interiors with mismatched furniture and reclaimed materials, I almost forgot I wasn’t tucked down a cobbled Parisian street.

Remember the new rule – bubbles are for always. So what are you waiting for? Champagne + Fromage has a table waiting for you…

– Competition – 

The geniuses behind Champagne + Fromage have agreed to offer a champagne dinner for two to two of my followers.

To enter, simply comment on this Instagram post and tag the friend you’d take with you!

Good luck!!! 



  • The offer is valid for a bottle of champagne and two baked camemberts at any of the four venues between Tuesday – Thursday.
  • The winners must book their table in advance
  • The competition will run until Friday 10th March
  • The winners must be a follower of @TlondonBlogger and @Champfromage ‘s Instagram feeds.


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