Scandi Adventures (Part 1)

I’m so excited to be bringing this new travel segment to The London Blogger. It’s something I’ve been so eager to do for so long, but has always filled me with the fear of the unknown. However, with several trips lined up for this sunny season (and beyond), it was now or never. With this, let me introduce my first ever travel post (part one).

Sweden has always been a country of interest for me. I love scandi design and interiors, with its minimalist aesthetics which belong only to the most chicest of residents in London. Being well aware that this holiday might not leave me with quite the sizzling tan lines of my usual summer destinations, plane tickets were purchased and ten days in a serene, green wonderland awaited.

We spent our first night in Stockholm in the most stereotypically scandi style hotel that we could ever had hoped for. Hobo Hotel is just a five minute walk from the station and the place for young travellers who also appreciate the finer things in life. As we approached, we were greeted with mellow yet bassy music (bearing in mind this was a Friday evening), and crowds of cool young revellers sat outside drinking cocktails under the heat of the garden lamps. Before we had even be shown to our room, we felt a responsibility to the culture we were inhabiting for the night to nestle in amongst the crowd with a glass of wine and big smug grins on our faces.


Once we felt suitably part of the regular crowd, we headed to our room where we were greeted by our intimate yet character filled home for the night. Everything was constructed from light wood or covered with beige or blue suede, with mismatched pieces of furniture and nicknacks dotted around. The absolutely perfect location to spend our first night in Sweden before heading over to our spot for the next eight days.


Having slightly lost track of time, about 9:30pm we threw down our bags, quickly got changed and headed out to spend an hour exploring the city before the streets fell into darkness. Because we knew that we had one more full day and night here before heading back to London, we were’t too disheartened by not being able to cram too much into our first evening.

The next morning we set off for the golden nugget of this trip – a luxury villa in Resaro (a small area homed within Vaxholm). Only just less than an hour from Stockholm, but this community, lifestyle and scenery couldn’t be further away. As we arrived to our house we were blown away by the traditional architecture, bright in colour and bold in shape. It felt like we’d stepped into a postcard.


Our villa was one of the most beautifully constructed homes I’d ever stepped foot in. Its exterior blended into the natural landscape, but the interior structure had been layered and planned to frame the amazing views which awaited outside. With a large living room which took up the height of the house accommodating floor to ceiling windows and each second floor room being joined by a thin balcony, it felt like we were never truly inside.

IMG_9200 2

The interior had each and every tiny detail taken into consideration. The colour tone, the plants, the minimalist decor contrasting with the imposing windows, not wanting to take anything away from the unspoiled views of the ocean and lush, ample fern trees.





IMG_8941 (1).JPG

Outside awaited sea views behind a heated pool and large double bed sun-beds. Despite our expectation for dark skies and a chilly sea breeze, we’ve been blessed with several days of blissful sunshine in which we spent our days bouncing in and out of the pool and drinking pimms at the poolside.




FullSizeRender (31)


On the not so sunny days we’ve had, we jumped in our car and explored what the island of Resaro had to offer us. We stumbled upon more beautiful houses than we could count, crossed paths with the local wildlife and jumped off as many pontoons as we could find.



Our Swedish adventures are far from over, and if the first half of our trip has been anything to go by, the second half is going to be worth coming back for. We have kayaks to manoeuvre, ruins to explore and many meals to eat. Not to name several outfit posts of some of my most favoured up and coming designers.

Join me next week for Swedish adventures part two, and follow me on Instagram to fill the gaps in the meantime!


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