The Hari Hotel

This working week was busy, exciting and absolutely nuts all in one tidy five day package. On Monday I was working in-house for a (gorgeous) fashion brand, on Tuesday I had three meetings and knuckled down to some work, and on Wednesday I had three events; Fortnum and Mason’s Christmas in July, Simple’s launch event of their new hydration range, and Evarae’s SS18 line launch. So when Thursday swung around, let’s just say I was just about ready to roll into the foetal position and sleep for a week. Unfortunately though, the week didn’t show signs of decelerating as I had an intern due to join my London marketing team.

Following a morning induction to the business, chatting through the day’s schedule and getting to grips with looming deadlines, I decided to give my London newbie an induction not only to the business, but to London living as well. With this brainwave, laptops were packed away and we were hot on our heels for a spot of Italian Afternoon Tea at The Hari Hotel.


Upon arriving at the hotel, we were led downstairs into the Il Pampero restaurant, a meticulously thought out and designed restaurant which embodies chic Italian glamour. Mosaic floors, royal leather booths, an island marble bar and sprinkling of greenery everywhere you turn. I was absolutely blown away at the fact that as a London lifestyle blogger I hadn’t come across this venue before.


FullSizeRender (34).jpg



Once settled in our booth and with ample photos of our surroundings snapped, we were promptly served pots of tea and the obligatory bottle of prosecco (it was at this point I realised my intern might be wondering what on earth this ‘work’ malarkey is!).

image1 (9).JPG


Our three tiered wonder then followed to form a colourful, grand, indulgent centrepiece to our table. Unlike traditional servings of scones and cucumber sandwiches, the Hari’s Il Pampero ‘Napolitea’ nods to its surroundings with both traditional and contemporary elements.

The menu consisted of – 

Top Tier
Chocolate Sfogliatelle
Lemon Delight
Hazelnuts Bignè
Ricotta Chocolate Cannolo

Middle Tier 
Bomboloni Crema
Bomboloni with Strawberry Jam

Bottom Tier
Burrata and Avocado
Bruschetta with Tomato and Mozzarella
Parma Ham and Melon
Mushroom and Truffle Arancini
Pea and Saffron Arancini




Afternoon tea is one of the most quintessentially classic British past times, and for that I am eternally grateful to our fabulous nation. However, it’s often the case that once you’ve tried once you’ve tried one you’ve tried them all, and that’s where Hari’s Napolitea hit it out of the park. Each tier was unique and bursting with flavour – each and every bite launching into a different taste bud, making me long forget the soggy texture of a cucumber sandwich.

Once we’d polished off all that the menu had to offer us, the lovely team at Hari allowed us to whip our laptops back out where we were to live the London dream and pat away at our keyboards whilst sipping prosecco and our pots earl grey, watching the day slip into evening and the restaurant fill up with revellers around us.

Thank you Hari Hotel for indulging us in an afternoon of absolute Italian splendour. A true hidden gem in the heart of Belgravia that everyone needs to visit!

–  Book your Napolitea at the Hari Hotel’s Il Pampero here.



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