My friends have started reaching the stage of life where engagements and sabbaticals are legitimate and serious topics of conversation. It’s for this reason that last week I arranged dinner with my two oldest friends before one of them went off on her jollies around the world for half a year, and this made deciding on a venue that little bit more high pressured.

Cigalon, with its plush purple interiors, feature skylight and commended cuisine has been on my hit list for quite some time, so when this particular ladies’ night cropped up it seemed the obvious choice.



Nick Jeffrey Butterly Installation

Once comfortably nestled into our palatial booth, we were each served a light and seasonal rosemary prosecco to kick off the evening’s agenda (a new and wonderful drink I’d never tried before but certainly would again!).


Having been evolved and established upon creating authentic Provençal dishes from fresh, seasonal ingredients, Cigalon’s menu changes each month. On this particular evening, we were presented with the choices of;

Ajo Blanc
Absinthe Cured Salmon, Watermelon, Tomato & Mint
Warm Lamb Tongues, Chicory & Capers Salad


Courgette Risotto & Rocket Pesto
Grilled Sea Bream, Baked Aubergine, Tomato, Saffron & Coriander Sauce
Roasted Guinea Fowl Breast, French Beans & Hazelnuts Salad


Goat Cheese & Cherries
Lemon Curd, Strawberry, Lemon & Lavender Sorbet
Dark Chocolate Moelleux & Apricot Sorbet





My friends, being loyal to and understanding of the needs of a food blogger, agreed to each order a different item from the menu for each of the three courses.

We all peered down dubiously at our menu as we skimmed past the ‘lamb’s tongue starter’ and then back up nervously as we realised one of was destined for this dish. Losing the Russian roulette, the tongue landed in front of me for course one, but once qualms were put to the back of my mind, my first taste of Cigalon was a delicious one. Our Provençal undertaking was off to a fabulous start.

Each dish continued to surprise us. Familiar dishes such as risotto and chocolate mousse had their own unique pops of unique flavour which stood them completely out on their own, in a way that I can’t really describe.

Attentive service, a unique and warming atmosphere, and a menu which screams individuality and careful calculation made my first Cigalon experience all that I’d hoped it would be. A brilliant way to bid a short farewell to a friend amongst several hours of fine dining and giggly hysterics.

Thanks, Cigalon!

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