Skincare Favourites: Erno Laszlo

Looking after my skin isn’t something that had really crossed my mind until I hit 25. My young and naturally quite olivey complexion meant that I considered a face wipe and some moisturiser to be more than adequate. However, once my 25th birthday came around I began to slowly notice quite how much the way I ate, drank, the makeup I wore and the products I used played a huge role in the way my skin looked and felt. Face wipes became a thing of the past and I began to use proper, well constructed, ‘grown up’ products as part of my daily routine.

Erno Laszlo is a brand I’d heard of many times but never considered as products for myself as I thought they were too expensive and mainly retailed in France. Surprisingly and luckily for me, I was wrong on both counts and soon had three of my very own Erno Laszlo items sitting in my bathroom cabinet.

Erno Laszlo cleanser

Hydra Therapy Double Cleansing Travel Set (here)

Having a Spanish holiday on the horizon, this set seemed like it fell from the gods. Packaged in a tidy, travel size case, this pair has been deemed Erno Laszlo’s most deeply hydrating formula, consisting of a Hydra-Therapy Cleansing Oil and an Phelityl Cleansing Bar.

The cleansing oil is applied first in circular motions with hand or cotton pad. Lightweight and smooth on the skin, you feel instantly refreshed as this high quality blend is absorbed in.  Next, you rinse the oil slightly by lightly dabbing with a warm towel before massaging the wet bar over your face using the rounded corners to stimulate circulation.

This pint-size pack is truly one of those double acts that just absolutely hits the spot. With sensitive skin which is prone to dryness the minute the air turns anything but mild, the Hydra Therapy Double Cleansing Travel Set left it feeling smooth and fresh without that worrying tingle and ‘oh god is this a rash coming’ thought afterwards. I’ve been using this duo every evening for a week and it sets me up perfectly for the following day, leaving my skin clear, smooth and refreshed in a way that really stands out to products I’ve used before. Controversially, I’m still removing the bulk of my makeup with a wipe as I wear so much that removal takes some serious elbow grease, but I think that allows the Erno Laszlo products to get to the skin cleaner and faster, so can’t imagine it’s too much of a bad thing (?!).

Hydraphel Skin Supplement Toner (here)

As any self-respecting woman knows, a cleansing routine is nothing without a sprinkling of toner afterwards. Well, actually I didn’t know this until about six months ago (when my eyes were opened to my newly matured skin regime), and I actually hadn’t used a toner in the way that the experts such as Erno Laszlo recommend.  The Hydraphel Skin Supplement is a toner that focuses on bringing out the skin’s natural glow and revitalising dull complexions. If you’ve ever seen one of my early morning Instagram stories, you’ll have had a glimpse of my pre-foundation face and in all its grey/blue glory. When chatting to Erno Laszlo’s specialists I communicated this dermatological woe to them and was directed to this particular product as it contains the nutrient Glycerin; a natural moisture magnet which attracts and stored hydration for a glowing complexion.

I use this product at night after my cleansing ritual and in the morning (alongside no other routines/products) simply to give my skin a luxurious wake up and set myself up for the day. With this toner I can most definitely say my skin feels softer and more alive, but most of all I’ve noticed that in the mornings my skin feels more plump and fresh and troubled areas such as my nose and t-zone are seeing much fewer blocked pores. It’s love!

erno Laszlo face mask

Sooth and Calm Hydrogel Mask (here)

I’d been wanting to try a peel and apply face mask for ages. They’re one of those products that, although they’ve been seen on every influencer and famous face on the planet, go way past the point of ‘fad’ and into the realms of actual credible, approved, commended products. Top dermatologists are raving about them, top models are using them, and some of the greatest skincare brands in the world are producing them.

Super easy to peel off and apply, this mask felt refreshing and calming the moment it hit my skin and added a luxurious pamper night feeling to my evening that I hadn’t experienced since I was fifteen, applying gooey Superdrug cucumber face masks at a sleepover. I left the mask on for around twenty minutes whilst cooking dinner before removing and dabbing the remains of the product into my skin. I was left feeling refreshed and my skin looking brighter and feeling more filled (bye bye bags!).

Erno Laszlo is one of those luxury yet attainable brands that should be on every complexion-conscious woman’s (or mans!) shopping list. They don’t splash out on tube advertising or flashy banner ads, as their product truly does speak for itself. With a range of long standing, commended products for all skin types, your mind will rest easy knowing that your face is in good hands.


Note: Erno Laszlo gifted me these products, however all views are my own.

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