Tea at Sketch

Served caviar at sketch

Does being served caviar by a man in white gloves whilst you sit on a cushioned pink suede chair sound good to you? Great, then read on… Sketch is famous for its eccentric interiors, picturesque portions and, well, their bathrooms. But put the loud aesthetics aside and you’ll find a delectable, well thought out menu, offered up by […]

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Too many times have I peered down at a wine list and after a few minutes of glazing over at seemingly foreign content, muttered the stale sentence “a glass of your house please”. In a city, and in fact a world that offers such a broad, eclectic and complimentary range of wines, it was time I started bucking up my ideas and got to know my own taste buds.

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Champagne + Fromage



Without a doubt two of the greatest delicacies to ever grace planet earth.

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Down The Rabbit Hole

Afternoon tea: scones, cucumber sandwiches, lemon drizzle and a good ol’ pot of Earl Grey. A brilliantly quintessentially British way to spend a day, no doubt. But sometimes life requires a splash of colour and even the most classic of British past-times need a bit of a shake up.

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The Bootlegger

51˚ 30′ 43 | 0˚ 5′ 0.2  –  The coordinates to your new favourite swingin’ cocktail den. ‘Thursday is the new Friday’ is most definitely a thing, but for some reason it seems to be amplified ten times over in the City. I’d never heard of The Bootlegger before, but my friend who works across the […]

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Soho – the borough of bright lights, extrovert bars and sex shops aplenty. So when you walk past a dark shop with the illuminated words ‘PEEP SHOW’, you might not necessarily look twice.

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Dinner at Sketch

Sketch Quirky Restaurant London

When you hear pink velvet chairs, vulgar paintings all over the walls and egg-shaped toilet pods, you wouldn’t be wrong to envision something from Amsterdam’s red light district… I’d heard about Sketch through many of my friends. However, I’d always been slightly dubious that it might be slightly ‘tacky’.  Nonetheless, I threw on my glad rags and […]

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